The concept of this design is to create a functional and self supporting green office facility that brings the outside in.

Interior sides of structural walls are designed to be living walls also known as vertical gardens.  The center area of each circular pod, is a garden/wooded area.  

Most interior non-structural walls of the facility are designed to be movable partition walls with the upper majority of the wall being a vertical garden.  The floors throughout the building are to be raised floors that house the MEP of the structure allowing for each partition wall to be plugged in to special connections in the floor panels to supply recycled water to the gardens.

The center pod of the building is set to house a cafeteria on the first level, administration on the second level, and a complete gym on the third level for employee exercise.  

The two outer pods house general office space with movable partition walls and glass enclosed conference rooms.  

The bottom level of one outside pod is set to house a server room, an I.T. Department, battery backups and a generator.  

Underground Office Facility